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AEM Machine rectangular, E and C cores


Update - C and E Cores + Rectangles

Permag has purchased an AEM UCM 3000 machine which makes rectangular, E and C cores using 'duo-cores' technology to produce items with higher dimensional accuracy and with improved electrical performance. Details of the product and how machine operates can be seen at

'Please contact us for quotations and samples or to discuss this product.

Rectangular, E and C Cores

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With our own in house slitting facility we can manufacture cores in any strip width above 3.2mm and with a minimum internal diameter of 5mm.

We also manufacture bespoke design rectangular, ‘C’ Cores, ‘E’ cores and ‘Y’ cores , as well as cut cores and drilled cores to fit customer design requirements.

Steel Grades

  • We stock all grades and gauges of grain oriented silicon iron electrical strip
  • We also stock some grades of non grain oriented silicon steel

Click on the links below for performance information relating to the following grades;
A pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) will be required to view these files.

M089 – 27N (M130-27S)

M111 – 30P

Specially Selected High Grade

0.1mm - 0.05mm

View the Amorphous Comparison Curves Graph

Please click on the links above to see performance information and guarantees for these grades


Cores can be impregnated with araldite of various grades depending on application requirements. Cores can also be insulated with polypropylene vacuum wrapping, the application of plastic end caps in normal or high temperature grades or by coating them with epoxy resin powder.


All items are tested for their electromagnetic performance. Tests are usually carried out for M089-27N (M4) 1.5T @ < .37 At/cm and for M111-30P ( M1) 1.8T @ < .8At/cm but this can be changed to any point on the curve to meet customer requirements.


All production is in accordance with the requirements of the following British Standards;

- BS EN 10303:2001 - Thin magnetic steel sheet and strip for use at medium frequencies.
- BS 5935:1980 - Toroidal strip wound cores made of magentically soft material.

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